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Stainless / Ti / SMO Plates For gasket plate heat exchanger TS20M Alfa Laval replacement

Stainless / Ti / SMO Plates For gasket plate heat exchanger TS20M Alfa Laval replacement
Product Detailed
1.Material: Stainless / Ti / SMO 2.Thickness: 0.5 / 0.6mm 3.Delivery time: 14 days. 4.Original brand: Alfa laval TS20M

Stainless / Ti / SMO Plates For gasket plate heat exchanger TS20M Alfa Laval replacement

TS20M Steam heater Gasket Plate heat exchanger    Baode heat exchanger is No,1 China brand in gaslekt plate heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated metal plates with portholes for the passage of the two fluids between which heat transfer will take place. The plate pack is assembled between a fix frame plate and a movable pressure plate and compressed by tightening bolts. The plates are fitted with a gasket which seals the inter plate channel and directs the fluids into alternate channels. The number of plates is determined by the flow rate, physical properties of the fluids, pressure drop and temperature program. The plate corrugations promote fluid turbulence and support the plates against differential pressure. The frame plate and the pressure plate are suspended from an upper carrying bar and located by a lower

guiding bar, both of which are fixed to a support column. Connections are located in the frame plate or, if either or both fluids make more than a single pass within the unit, in the frame and pressure plates.Advantages of the Baode Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger

    *Space saving and energy efficient Baode plate heat exchanger are the system builder’s dream! With their compact designs they require 20–50% less space in your system than a comparable shell-and-tube unit. Since they require up to 80% less cooling media, you can fit smaller pumps that will consume less energy

B. Application    Food industry: Milk pasteurization Milk and beverage pasteurization , Wine tempering, Bottled water treatment , CIP (Cleaning-in-Place)

heating , Reverse osmosis water.    Marine application : Central cooling of the main or auxiliary engines or turbines, Lubrication oil cooling, Recooling of circulated water for cooling cylinders, pistons, injection nozzles, Cooling of Baoder oil, compressor oil and other lubricants, Preheating of lubrication oil and heavy fuel oil, Preheating of seawater for fresh water production, Heat recovery, Heat exchange to air-condition the passengers’ cabins and freight spaces    Others: turbine oil cooler, Chemical industry, district heating, district cooling, swimming pool heating, solar heating,

C. Advantage of BaodeShort delivery time.High qualityReasonable priceCustomer madeKnow-how design and customer support

Working principle    Channels are formed between the plates and the corner ports are arranged so that the two media fl ow through alternate channels. The heat is transferred through the plate between the channels, and complete counter-current flow is reated for highest possible efficiency. The corrugation of the plates provides the passage between the plates, supports each plate against the adjacent one and enhances the turbulence, resulting in efficient heat transfer.STANDARD MATERIALSFrame plate: Mild steel Epoxy paintedNozzles: Carbon steelMetal lined: Stainless steel, TitaniumPlates: Stainless steel Alloy 316 or TitaniumA great advance on conventional PHEsOptimized plate design    The BS Series solves two main problems that occur when conventional plate heat exchangers (PHEs) are used as steam heaters. The first is that when water is heated over a relatively wide temperature difference, e.g. from 10 to 70°C (50 to 158°F), the high steam velocity causes erosion and noise problems. The second is that when high water flow rates are used when heating water only a few degrees, the PHE has to be oversized to keep the secondary side (water) pressure drop within reasonable limits. Both of these drawbacks are now eliminated in the new BS Series of PHEs by a unique plate geometry that allows problem-free heating over narrow and wide temperatureranges.   Way ahead of shell-and-tubes     No thermal fatigue Cyclic heating and cooling produces thermal fatigue in rigid steam heaters like straight shell-and-tubes. This often results in cracked and worn components that demand maintenance and repair, thereby causing unwanted system downtime. The combination of thin plates and flexible gaskets in the BS Series prevents thermal fatigue by allowing the units to expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Fine temperature control Rapid heat transfer resulting from the small hold-up volume and high surface/volume ratio of the plates enables a fast response to temperature control.

Cross Refference BrandModelThetaCross Refference BrandTheta TypeTheta 
Alfa LavalM3H/LTranterGC26H
Alfa LavalM6BH/LTranterGX26L
Alfa LavalM6MH/LTranterGX42L
Alfa LavalM10BH/LTranterGX51L
Alfa LavalM10MH/LTranterGC51H
Alfa LavalM15BH/LTranterGX18L
Alfa LavalM15MH/L   
Alfa LavalM20MH/LVicarbV13H/L
Alfa LavalMX25BH/L   
Alfa LavalM30BH/LAPVN35H/L
Alfa LavalTS20MH/L   
Alfa LavalT20BH/LSondexS65H
Alfa LavalTL10BH/LSondexS81H/L
Alfa LavalP16HSondexS121H/L
Alfa LavalP26H/LGEAVT04H
Alfa LavalP36LGEAVT10H
Alfa LavalAK20H/LGEAVT20H




Stainless / Ti / SMO Plates For gasket plate heat exchanger TS20M Alfa Laval replacement

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